Sunday, 30 August 2009

Crime is bad, mmmmmkay?

Unless you happen to be in the Metropolitan police that is.

This story has hardly been reported in the press, and I really am at a loss as to why.

One in three of the 3,533 officers who were issued with the corporate credit cards misued them and at one point £3.7million of public money was missing.
One in three! That's pretty impressive! But to be fair to the Met, they have taken action; 3 out of the 1177 officers whom committed credit card fraud have been prosecuted. Three.

That's quite some clear-up rate.

Maybe it goes some way to explaining why the met did absolutely nothing about the fraud committed by their buddies in parliament.


  1. "Why do the police lavish so much of their resources on those who least deserve it?"

    The public is at liberty to regard as true and accurate, any statement made by police and other propagandists.

  2. Off topic - but tasty. The once great Coppersblog has just taken a torpedo hit to the rudder.

  3. Well fancy that! Maybe they don't want us plebs reading just how the police feel about the general public any more. The blog had became pretty pointless after they started moderating comments; none of mine were published, and judging by the number of comments visible I'd imagine a lot of others had the same experience.

  4. Coppersblog should be remembered for providing a true insight into the typical police mind and attitude - something previously denied the public by virtue of police propaganda. A vile and corrupt nature present in many officers confirmed what many citizens had long suspected.

    The only other decent thing consequent to Coppersblog will be the identification of the worst police contributors and their removal from public service of any kind.