Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Standby for action!

Many people suffer from nuisance crimes such as vandalism. Many people are left waiting and frustrated when the police tell them there's nothing they can (be bothered) to do about it.

However I have a feeling an almighty investigation will be carried out by Greater Manchester Police, as Hazel Blears has had her tyres slashed.

This is of course the very same Hazel Blears who made a killing on the sale of her main/second home (depending on whether she is talking to the tax man or the fees office) and then appeared on telly waving a cheque around whilst overflowing with denial and faux apologies. (Incidentally, does anyone know what happened to that cheque? Did she actually send it and did HMRC accept it?)

So now we will see just what the police can do about nuisance crime. To be fair to the government though, I suppose they expect special treatment from the police, because what's the point in having a paramilitary wing if they don't look after you?


  1. Erm, If you think there's any love lost between Hazel Blears and the police, you're sadly off the mark...

    Wasn't she the minister that went back on their pay deal?

    Be interesting to see what does happen in this case though.


  2. Whilst a few front line whingers may profess some dislike for Blears, the police as an organisation are so cozy with the politicians it's sickening. Just look at the ongoing inaction over the fraudulent expenses...

  3. "Expenses" aren't a very popular topic at the Met either...