Saturday, 22 August 2009

Whatever happened to the bleachy lads?

I was happily proved wrong when West Yorkshire Police (I actually hit a 't' there instead of the 'r' then - is there such thing as a Fruadian Typo?) arrested the perpetrators of a shocking bleach attack.

As I said, the hero police for once did their job and did it well, but all has gone silent with regards to the tough judges. The lad was due before Leeds Mags on the 7th of August, I expect the case to be passed up to the Crown Court, but I can't find ANY reports anywhere of what happened on the 7th or what has happened since.

Does anyone have any info on this case?


  1. No idea Hibbo...

    Looks like he applied for bail, but was refused and remanded to custody. What actually happened on the 7th is anyone's guess.

    I'm thinking the case may have been adjourned for sentencing reports...


  2. Hibbo

    I remember an exchange of views with you concerning this event.

    Like you I applauded the swift investigation by police. However, I share your concern that the judiciary will not prosecute the little gits in accordance with the spirit of the law.

    My wife took our granddaughter out for a treat, when a young thug got angry with them because they had the audacity to walk on the pavement, whilst he was riding his bike in the opposite direction.

    What have we come to? Was my wife to be 'bleached' simply for walking to the local shop?

    I sometimes despair at the changes we have seen socially. But, I have to concede the vast majority of young people are actually good kids. Go figure.


  3. Of course they are Tom, it's only the Daily Wail that blankets anyone under the age of 27ish as a feral thug.

    If you hear anything about the outcome of this case, please let me know!

  4. freudian*

    dont use big words if you don't know what they mean x

  5. Thanks for the constructive criticism, Anon.

    However, what you meant to say was "Don't (note the apostrophe) use big words if you don't know how to spell them".